Saturday, September 15, 2007

Nazi apologist and Holocaust denier arrested in Benalmádena

Spanish police arrested in Benalmádena the alleged Nazi apologist and Holocaust denier Gerd Honsik, 15 years after he fled his homeland to evade a prison sentence.
The seizure was made after a European-wide arrest warrant was issued by judge Baltasar Garzón and was carried out by the National Police and the organised crime unit on the Costa del Sol.

65-years-old Honsik was arrested last Thursday at 14.20 at his Benalmádena home.
He is wanted for actions he carried out in his native Austria between 1986 and 1989 when he distributed publications in Vienna that denied the Jewish holocaust.

This printed material said that groups of Jews were not exterminated by the Third Reich at concentrations camps. He expressed his views in his book ‘Absolution of Hitler’ and in the magazine ‘Halt’. In them he denied that the gas chambers existed and said the chimeys of the supposed gas chambers at Auschwitz where actually on the roof of a single storey house.
According to the magazine, the US was at war for one reason only: the desire for economic growth (“the undemocratic American right to amass wealth,”) for which the Jews were responsible:
“Only a few families have the power to print green paper to the value of one cent… and to label it ‘100 dollars’ and then to place this deadwood at the state’s disposal at interest.”

Honsik was found guilty in 1992 by a court in Vienna and sentenced to 18 months in prison and fled to Spain to escape from Austrian Justice.
“The gas chambers existed only to delouse the Jews, because there was an epidemic in Germany,” said Gerd Honsik during his trial.
Denying the Holocaust in Austria, which provided a significant number of top Nazi leaders including Hitler, is a crime punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

The Spanish High Court had previously dismissed a petition from Honsik that he should be considered a political refugee in Spain, a ruling that was later ratified by the country’s Supreme Court.

Many other Nazi sympathisers have also lived with total impunity for years on the Costa del Sol in the past.

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